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10 Tips For Car Crime Prevention

Car crime is naturally a huge concern for motorists – but the good news is that much of it is preventable if you’re just a little more careful… Here are 10 top tips on keeping your car and its content as safe and secure as possible.

1.       Don’t leave valuable items in your car

Probably the most obvious of all our tips, but still worth emphasising: visible valuables like mobile phones, gadgets, wallets or purses are prime targets for quick-on-their-feet thieves, so don’t leave them on display.

2.       Take care when parking

After driving round looking for a space for what seems like forever, you might feel so frustrated that you’ll decide to park anywhere there’s room. Or you might just want to avoid paying the high charges associated with attended car parks. But remember that your car’s much more likely to be targeted on dimly lit, isolated streets than in a bright and busy area.

Car Crime Prevention

3.       Don’t leave tell-tale sat nav marks

Don’t give robbers any clues: if you’ve been using your sat nav, be sure to wipe away any residue that’s left behind on your windscreen when you remove it. Better still, get a sat nav mount that just sits on your dashboard as these cause no marks at all.

 4.       Fully close the windows and sunroof…

When it’s hot outside, it might be tempting to leave a window or the sunroof open just a smidge so air can circulate while you’re away. Even a few millimetres gives thieves enough room to whittle their way in, though, so don’t risk it.

5.       … And don’t leave your car unlocked when unattended

It might seem harmless to leave the car unlocked (or even running) while you pop into the shop or back into the house for something you’ve forgotten, but it takes a matter of seconds for someone to take off with your car when you make it this easy for them!

6.       Get a theft-resistant number plate

If a thief plans to sell your car, they’ll probably replace the number plate; likewise, they could just steal your registration and install it on another car to cover up illegal activity. Tamperproof plates can prevent this.

7.       Install a deterrent

A very visual cue that your car is protected goes a long way, so consider getting a steering lock, immobiliser or car alarm.

8.       Don’t assume the glove box or boot is safe territory

Out of sight doesn’t necessarily mean out of mind when it comes to your car… Don’t stow stuff you value in your glove box – if you want to make extra sure that it’s not tempting thieves, you could even leave it open when the car is parked to show that there’s nothing inside worth taking. Robbers are increasingly targeting boots, too, so try to keep it as empty as you can.

9.       Keep doors locked when driving

Drivers are vulnerable when they’re caught in traffic or otherwise come to a stop; avoid attacks by keeping your doors locked when you’re driving.

 10.   Keep your car keys in a safe place

Place your car keys by a window or near to the door when you’re at home and they’re much easier to swipe. Instead, store them somewhere where they can’t be seen from outside. And also make sure you keep your keys close when you’re out and about.

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