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Behold, a list of Cars so fast You’ll never need an Instagram Filter

Imagine if you could own some of the world’s fastest cars. What would you do first? Would you tell all of your friends, or try to hide in a remote part of the country so you wouldn’t have to share? For us, we would definitely pick a car we could live with and show it off. And for the socially connected in the crowd, don’t spoil a photo of a car like this with one of those crazy Instagram or Snapchat filters.

When you check out the infographic below (courtesy of Drive Benfield), you’ll have so many different cars to choose from. Hey, if people are going to play fantasy sports, why not play fantasy car dreaming? You don’t really get to walk out with the car either way, but there’s a nice feeling from seeing supercharged cars doing what they were meant to do: test the limits of engineering, style, and power all at once!

infographic - Benfield Motors - the worlds fastest cars-1

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