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Circuit Garage Street Perfect S2k

Usually the cars that we feature are heavily modified track monsters but this Honda S2000 is a car that is hard to pass on.

Its owner, Stephan Daigle has a rich history with modified cars. Cars like a Nissan 240sx together with Civics and Integras fill that list. As any avid enthusiast should do, Stephan does all the work on his own, something he learned from his father. Stephan is also the guy behind the Circuit Garage blog, another nice project he follows when he is not busy working on 4 wheel works of art.

Let’s move on to see how an owner with such a pedigree has modified his vehicle, a Honda s2000.

S2000 honda

He bought the car used with very few kilometres and now, at almost 115,000km, the engine still purrs without missing a beat. This engine sports the basic NA mods, with a custom Cold Air Intake built around a HKS SMF filter and a custom straight pipe.

Stephan also added some nice details to the engine bay such as the Password jdm hood struts, a Mugen oil cap and a Billion radiator cap. All things we normally wouldn’t care for, but we have to admit that they fit nicely the spirit of the project.

This S2000 regularly sees B road twisties and drift events so the OEM dampers and springs are replaced by a set of  BC Racing BR Type Coilovers with spine crushing spring rates of 12k F\R. In the rear a Spc camber bolt takes care of any wheel fitment issues. The brakes are upgraded as well, Brembo rotors and ATE super blue brake fluid do the trick.

In the interior the changes are focused on enhancing the driver’s safety and feeling. A Bride Vios 3 is currently waiting to be installed, the Honda steering wheel found a new home in the trash bin since it is now replaced by an Omp Corsica steering wheel and the shift knob along with the handbrake button are Powered by Max items. Additionally, a roll bar is bolted to enhance safety and chassis stiffness. On top of that, there is no way you can miss this car’s Suzuka Blue exterior appearance. The stance is incredible: Work emotion XC8 18×9.5+20 all around fill the wheel arches. Tyres are 215/35/18 in the front and 225/40/18 in the rear. To fit these wheel and tyres combo camber adjustments were made: -2.80 in the front and -3.50 in the rear to be precise.

The front bumper is shaved and the OEM lip from the limited CR S2000 sits close to the ground. Stephan also installed Powered by Max hood shims to lower the the engine bay temperatures, especially since he likes hitting the rev limiter as often as possible. This year Stephan has big plans for the car: both track days and drift events fill his calendar. The spec list will grow with the addition of many other interesting parts, like a hydraulic e-brake and a rear diffuser. We wish him the best for the future, both on and off the track.

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