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Cosworth powered driftwarrior RX7

I must admit, when it comes to a drift car feature I get excited, I got twice as thrilled on this one though, for a number of reasons.

First of all is that I have a thing with the RX7 series of Mazda, a big thing to be honest. Furthermore, this RX7 which comes from the beautiful isle of Zakinthos, is one of the most famous cars in the drift scene in Greece, and a car that has seen a lot of DIY (remember knowing your car helps a lot at the races). Then there’s the owner…

Lambros Koltoukis, is a very cool guy, and a true ambassador of the automotive-drift culture. Founder, and head of press of Zakinthos automotive club (Α.ΛΕ.Ζ.) Administrator of the and member of a local drift team in Zakinthos called the Drift Warriors.

RX7 series of Mazda

Lampros, loved the looks of the second generation RX-7 the FC3s and the fact that coming from Japan he could source various parts for his mission, to drift. Moreover, he and his tuner know how to handle the Cosworth YB engines. So as a result, once you pump the hood, a red “thing”  hits your eyes..

But there is nothing wrong with your eyes or your screen. It’s just a rotary to piston swap. Lets get down to details now..

Cosworth YB series

So the RX7′s engine is now a Cosworth YB series, with 9:1 compression ratio. Wossner pistons, polished STD con rods, and ACL bearings replaced the stock internals. The cylinder head is fully modified, with new oversize valves, valve springs with retainers, valve guides, guide seals and hydraulic tappets. The engine block is sleeved, while the whole build is held together  by ARP studs.

Next to the engine’s block you can see some silver coloured letters forming a name “usual suspect” for power under pressure.Garrett that is, GT28RS ball bearing the exact ID of this cossie’s boost setup. In order to fuel and ignite the pressurised air coming from the turbo through the Samco hoses and custom intercooler Lambros installed RC 550 cc injectors. An SQV HKS blow-off valve helps relieve excess boost from the turbo’s pressure system after the boost has been generated. Engines mounts are sourced from Vibra-Technics.

The power from the Cosworth engine is transferred to the Getrag gearbox, by custom clutch and lightened flywheel for the little faster revving edge. Then to custom LSD diff which transmits it to the rear wheels for that tyrescreaming effect! The gearbox and Diff mounts are made out of Teflon from Lambros mechanic.

Oil catch tank with monster energy wallpaper. Creative ! At the top of the picture you can also see the Cusco adjustable camber plates “sitting on top” of the XYZ drift spec fully adjustable coilover suspension, which features custom springs.

Of course at a drift built of this magnitude the handling couldn’t be overseen. The spindles were modified, and a Mazdatrix angle/bump steer kit is installed to add steering angle, also the front lower control arms have been replaced with custom adjustable ones.

A rear custom subframe was fabricated in order to create the ultimate bespoke base for the handling’s rear components, solid DTSS eliminators used to kill all movements of the rear end. Camber bars and links, and rear toe arms are also custom made, creating an adjusting  heaven. The whole suspension system has Polyurethane and Teflon bushes to reduce movements.

Straight from Lithakia circuit, the Mazda cossie alive and kicking ! Lithakia circuit is a small track located in Zakinthos and is owned by the local automotive club (Α.ΛΕ.Ζ.) this circuit is also home of the driftwarriors team.

The car was subjected to chassis reinforcement welds, and a custom full welded roll cage, all made by BYTHOULKAS AUTOSPORT.

At the inside, Lampbros sits tight on a FIA certified Sparco seat and has an LTEC 3 spoke suede steering wheel in front of him, at the back of the steering is a Ace Well digital dash, indicating speedometer, gear position, revs, and water temp, next to it there is a Gizmo boost controler. A custom aluminum dashboard which is flocked, grounds all the rest racing gadgets. The Wilwood’s hydraulic e-brake, and the gear knob are inch-detail positioned creating a jet fighter interior feeling.

The engine’s management is performed by an EMS ecu. While inside the car there is a control unit for real time trimming and monitoring. The ecu is programed by KOUTROUFINIS which is the official dealer for EMS in Greece and one of Lambros sponsors as well. On top of the EMS controller is an LCD screen Lambros using rof rear view.

And what’s drifting without the proper looks ? Uras monkey magic full body kit is selected for the RX7′s image. The car’s white colour is a result of full vinyl wrap executed by Bizzare stickers.

A Carbon fiber Rear Wing is offering stability, while decorating the rear end.

The beast “eats” large anounts of rubber. Zellits tyres is feeding the RX7′s stylish greed, providing Lambros with Infinity tyres.

The oem hood was swapped in favor of one made out of fiberglass. There were three reasons behind this desision. The first and obvious one was weight saving. The other two had to do with the reverce mounted scoop of the. Due to the fact that the intercooled was moved in front of the FC, the need, was to extract hot air from the engine. The third reason was that OEM scoop was causing unwanted drag without offering any cooling advantages after the IC relocation.

The engine’s tuning is focuced in torque, and progressive power supply. The Getrag -dog leg- gearbox is equipped with a shorter ratio gearset, which is a properly made mixture based on Lambros racing experience arround Greek circuits.

Angle, smoke, noise, a cult drift car, and a driver taking the best out of it, a pure drifting combination.

We leave you with an amazing video, the footage of which, was recorded at Lithakia circuit featuring Lambros, having fun with a member of Zante bike team. We would like to thank Lambros for sharing with us his passion.

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