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Four Cool International Driving Laws Designed With Safety in Mind

We’re car enthusiasts, first and foremost. We love driving and recommend it highly as a fairly cheap form of self-help and therapy. Of course, that’s a bit tongue in cheek but you get where we’re coming from. You might as well enjoy the open road, but that enjoyment does come at a cost: you have to consider your safety, as well as everyone else’s on the road. You have to drive defensively and understand the driving laws to the best of your ability. The information is public so you can’t say that you couldn’t figure it out, in the eyes of law enforcement. The team at Northgate compiled a lot of data about driving laws around the world, and we figured that we’d take the most safety-oriented facts and present them to you.

Driving Laws

So, let’s step outside of just our own country and look at some of the safety-focused laws around the driving world.

1. An Extra Pair of Glasses Saves Lives

In Spain, you’re expected to keep a backup pair of glasses if you decide to go out for a drive. If you’re stopped, the officer has every right to see if you are carrying this emergency pair of glasses. Makes good sense to us!

2. Zero Tolerance for Driving Under the Influence

Drinking and driving is a problem that’s almost as old as the automobile itself! As super car buffs, we can’t condone anyone becoming intoxicated and trying to get home. Most areas have great public transportation now — Uber, anyone? Even if taxi service is spotty, that’s no excuse. This is the type of thing that you need to plan for ahead of time. In Austria, you can face serious penalties even if your BAC is only .01 … meaning that one drink can still get you in trouble!

3. Wheel Chocks Are Required

Do you worry about your car rolling down a hill while it’s parked? Maybe it’s time to invest in some wheel chocks. Did you know that in Estonia, this isn’t an optional thing at all? Indeed, drivers there are expected to carry at least two wheel chocks everywhere they go, no matter what time of year it is.

4. Denmark Protects The Children First

The idea of a child hiding underneath a car might sound silly, but kids are pretty curious. We couldn’t imagine running over a child, and definitely will make sure that we check more closely from now on. In Denmark, this type of pre-drive checking isn’t optional; it’s very mandatory. It might sound like it’s overbearing, but it really doesn’t take very long to make sure that a child isn’t perched underneath your vehicle.

All of the laws we mentioned are designed to keep you safe while you’re on the road. Even though these laws aren’t completely universal across all driving countries, we can still keep some of the spirit in mind when we go out for a drive.

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