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Honda CR-V

The all-new Honda CR-V due to be released later this year has a lot to live up to. The previous three incarnations of the car have been exemplary in the world of SUVs – standing out from the crowd for their simple but elegant styling, their safety, reliability and longevity.

The design of the brand new Honda CR-V will remain faithful to the initial concept version shown off by Honda earlier this year. The new CR-V will have a slightly sportier, more “aggressive” look than its predecessors.

The new model, though, will be based on a completely new platform. Most notably, the new CR-V has a wrap-around lower front bumper that appears more integrated into the rest of the fascia than on its predecessors.

Honda CR-V

Also, the three bar horizontal front grill appears more prominently on the new version, whilst the CR-V’s traditional big headlights have been slightly slimmed down. The overall impression is a little sleeker, overall, but it clearly retains its overall lineage and Honda heritage.

The front end changes were driven more by aerodynamics than by style – though, as ever with Honda cars, the designers have managed to marry up these requirements superbly.

The side sills are also more prominent on the new CR-V as the car takes on a little more of a “sculpted” appearance. At the back, the new CR-V retains its trademark vertical lights introduced with the first CR-V during the 1990s. Internally, there is a lot more space thanks in part to a lower floor for improved load-carrying.

The new car will be hitting Honda UK showrooms soon. As the car is still basically under wraps, engine details haven’t been fully revealed. But Honda has promised both improved efficiency and better fuel economy. The predecessor Honda CR-V was available with a choice of a 2.2-litre diesel or a 2.0-litre petrol or engine, both of which produce 148bhp.

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