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New 2016 Lincoln MKX leaves competitors eating dust

The 2016 Lincoln MKX has recently been redesigned to add even more class and luxury to this widely loved model. The twin turbo V6 2.7L front placed engine is powerful enough to excite drivers while still maintaining excellent gas mileage. The revolutionized new model gets at least twenty four highway miles to the gallon and fourteen miles to the gallon in the city. The new improved model has all of the things that drivers have always loved about Lincoln with luxurious perks that only improve the driving experience.

2016 Lincoln MKX

Power and Style Collide in the Creation of the New Lincoln MKX

The 2016 Lincoln MKX includes extraordinary cargo space that is approximately sixty nine cubic feet. Lincoln reigns over Acura and Lexus when it comes to horsepower. Three hundred thirty five horsepower throttles the Lincoln to the top of luxury cars. The interior design of the new Lincoln MKX is impressively chic with comfortable plush seats that have head rests nearly as soft as clouds. Plush floor mats add stylish comfort to the chocolate leather interior. Creamy white headliners add a classic appeal the interior as well.

Touch Screen and Toggle Features of Steering Wheel

Touch screen controls are user friendly and work perfectly. The touch screen is not only efficient; it is also complimented with switches and buttons to create easy and effective controls. The leather covered steering wheel is equipped with highly rated safety features and controls that users are falling in love with. These controls have the ability to toggle through driving modes as well as the ability to configure the appearance of the interior. The newly released 2016 Lincoln MKX truly is the car of the future and a force to be reckoned with.

Push Button Transmission Infused with the Latest Technology

The classy push button transmission is creating lots of excitement among car buyers. The center console is sleekly designed and made with the highest quality. It provides ample storage space as well as secure cup holders. A complete panoramic sunroof gives the new Lincoln MKX the appeal of a convertible while still providing SUV quality. The execution of the split wing grille is one of the finest developments from Lincoln in history. It adds a sport car aerodynamic style that is nothing less than eye catching with its chrome and satin inlay. LED headlamps are not only adaptive, but captivatingly beautiful as they sharply cut up the side of the module. LEDs are also included in the back that run from the tailgate to the fenders.

Lane Keeping Assistance and Adaptive Cruise Control

The subtle stylings of the sides of the vehicle combined with the twenty inch chrome accented wheels create distinctive flair that only comes from Lincoln. The impressive torque is strong enough to handle whatever is thrown its way, but still provides a smooth ride that is somewhat like driving on air. Suspension and steering are accurate, concise, and highly rated. Adaptive cruise control and unique blind spot features are ideal for highway driving, but also effective in city areas.

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