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Specs, features and facts about the new Leon Sport

The Leon Sport is a hot new CUV that has two doors and an extraordinary design that has made drivers fall in love. This all wheel drive vehicle has an angular design that doesn’t make it seem like the CUV has a lot of power. However, the two hundred ninety six horsepower in the Leon Sport leaves drivers feeling giddy and weak in the knees. New photos of the 2016 Leon Sport are a testament to how attractive this vehicle is. The design is a combination of the Leon Cupra and the Leon X-Perience. The vehicle is a hatch, but has the overall appearance of a crossover.

Enormous Amount of Power and Torque

There are a lot of features to like about this newly released car. However, the car has not yet been placed under production. One of the most loved features about this car that is causing a buzz is the speed of this crossover. The torque amount measures out at two hundred eight pounds of torque. The six speed DSG engine is a force to be reckoned with. The public has been in amazement due to the fact that the Leon Sport has the ability to go zero to sixty miles per hour in less than five seconds.

Leon Sport

Blacked out Front Grille and LED Day Lights

The front bumpers of this newly leaked crossover are a bit more slender than the Leon X-perience and also use LED lights that are some of the longest last lights currently available. Day time LED lights are also included. The blacked out front grille adds a dash of chic style to the vehicle. The underbody guard can easily be seen from the front. There is not a lot of information currently available about what the interior of the hatch crossover, but it is anticipated to have a lot of the same interior design as both the Leon X-Perience and Leon Cupra. In fact, a lot of the features from these two models have been remodified to create the unique Leon Sport.

Top Expected Speed of One Hundred Fifty Five Miles per Hour

This new car is expected to have an enormous amount of cargo space even though the car is considered to be a compact sport style. The two liter four cylinders crank out more power than other similar models. The wheel is electronically controlled, which is user friendly and makes controlling features of the car even safer while on the road. The speed of this model tops out at a whopping one hundred fifty five miles per hour. The Leon Sport outperforms and outshines both the highly rated Cupra and X-Perience by leaps and bounds. While the general style and designs have many similarities, the power under the hood of the new Leon Sport is utterly unique and one of a kind. Safety features included in this model use the latest and greatest technology to make the Leon Sport outshine all models before it and leave the competition eating its dust.

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