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The new Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo: Mixing a bit of old with a bit of new

The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is expected to outshine and outperform all other models. The competition will be eating the dust of this juiced up model. The aerodynamic design is not only appealing to the eyes it is also functional to add speed and agility to the vehicle. Performance stats of the newly expected model include a whopping one thousand six hundred seven BPM and approximately fifteen hundred NM of torque. These figures and stats have drivers totally thrilled over the upcoming production date of the finished design. The engine of the model is said to be a hybrid other engine models with a few accommodations and adjustments.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

Functional Tech Controls are out of This World

The top speed of the new Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is expected to reach more than two hundred seventy miles per hour. It is also expected to reach sixty two miles per hour in less than two seconds flat. There is a lot of technology used in the creation of this car. There are controls on the steering while that are not just user friendly. These tech controls make the vehicle even safer and easier to control. All of the features have a functional use while adding comfort, chic style, and an incredibly smooth ride. The huge rear wing and central fin were inspired by the old school nineteen fifty six Type 57 Atlantic. The side skirts, vents, and front splitter have stuck to the historic design while still adding advanced design that makes the vehicle modern with a dash of class.

Adding Visual Appeal to Classic Models to Create the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

The design of this new model has a lot of similarities of a Veyron. However, styling elements were adjusted to add uniqueness and visual appeal. The front of the model has a more triangular appearance while the hood was inspired by race cars. The horseshoe grille is a classic, but is propped by the huge front splitter. The grille also has a three dimensional appeal that makes the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo stand out among other models. The car has what is considered to be a two tone color scheme. It also includes head lights with eight eyes and LED day lights. The window wrapping horseshoe rear end style of the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo pays homage to classic styles throughout history. However, the new style gives this model its own unique identity.

High Quality Aesthetic Design with Four Exhaust Tail Pipes

The new model is expected to be launched into production soon. More specifications are also expected to be released to the public soon. So far, no concessions’ concerning the interior of the model has not been released. The shape of the new design takes racing from the past and into the future. The highly loved Bugatti high quality interior and race car aesthetics have been mixed together to create this much anticipated vehicle that is a true beauty. Four exhaust pipes pop out from the car to create a hard core menacing appearance.

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